War Is Immoral

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On May 4, 2009, I, Daniel J. Lakemacher, filed a request to be discharged from the United States Navy as a conscientious objector (CO). After 131 more days of being forced to work under the threat of imprisonment, I was finally freed from this involuntary servitude on September 11, 2009.

Conscientious Objector (CO) Application
(official military request explaining why I belive war is immoral)

Behind the Wire: Insider's Reflections on Gitmo

(background on my personal experience in the "War on Terror")

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This website exists to document the process through which I sought to be discharged, in addition to providing the reasoning that prompted me to take this action.  My hope is that in browsing these pages you will come to understand that war, unlike an individual's self-defense, inherently involves the initiation of violence, and therefore, it cannot ever be morally justified.

If you're currently in the military, you'll find the resources you need to file your own request for discharge as a conscientious objector.  Additionally, there are multiple links to organizations that will support you and offer free legal advice on this and other issues concerning the military.

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